• 🗓️ Save the date: 8th of January: 6 - 9pm!


    Today we have good news, the comeback date is set! Grab your calendar and note the following date now.

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  • DuelDonkey Comeback!


    DuelDonkey is coming back! 🎉🎉🚀🚀 We've all been waiting for it for a long time - now the comeback is getting closer and closer! Here are a few important info.

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  • NEW: Play duels 24/7


    Lately, a lot of people have asked us when we will finally open the arena 24/7. We are working towards this step by step: From now on you can also meet up for duels outside of the arena times.

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  • NEW: FIFA 21 x DuelDonkey


    Many of you have been asking about it over the past few weeks and today the day has come: We're starting with FIFA 21! At 8 pm this evening we will open the arena for the first time.

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  • Arena Improvements


    The first weeks after the launch in December were incredibly exciting for us. We were able to test our assumptions and listened carefully to our players / you. The feedback was overwhelming!

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  • Here we go - we are live! 🚀 🎉 🍾


    Tomorrow evening (friday the 18th of December, 2020) we will open the Clash Royale arena for the first time for everyone. We will start at 8pm! Be there, sign up and invite all your friends to earn...

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  • Now available on the App Store and as a download for Android


    So that you can play at any time and from any device, DuelDonkey is now also available as an app for iOS and Android. Have you already loaded the app? If not, it's time 😎

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  • Become one of our 50 BETA testers! 👑


    You have the chance to be an exclusive part of it and to use DuelDonkey before everyone else, to test it and contribute your ideas!

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  • DuelDonkey 🦄 with new design


    We have been online for a few months now and are constantly collecting your feedback on the platform. As a result, our designers have now conjured up a completely new version of DuelDonkey, which h...

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  • Clash Royale to be the first game on DuelDonkey


    Our first game Clash Royale 👑 is almost ready 🚀. Connect your Clash Royale account now and be part of our Open Beta, which will start soon!

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  • Corona Update


    We just quickly want to update you: We are now in the home office too, as you can see from our colleagues Julian and Steffen.

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