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Latest News

Arena Improvements


The first weeks after the launch in December were incredibly exciting for us. We were able to test our assumptions and listened carefully to our players / you. The feedback was overwhelming!

Here we go - we are live! πŸš€ πŸŽ‰ 🍾


Tomorrow evening (friday the 18th of December, 2020) we will open the Clash Royale arena for the first time for everyone. We will start at 8pm! Be there, sign up and invite all your friends to earn...

Now available on the App Store and as a download for Android


So that you can play at any time and from any device, DuelDonkey is now also available as an app for iOS and Android. Have you already loaded the app? If not, it's time 😎

Frequently asked questions

The arena is the place where everyone meets and where you challenge others. Here you can see who is currently online and available for a duel and under what conditions the player is ready to play. You can also see statistics and data to find out how good the player is.

There is also an arena chat, which allows all players in the arena to talk to each other.

We are currently opening the arena daily from 8 pm to 11 pm. The limited time is due to the fact that DuelDonkey has only been online since December 18, 2020 and this is the only way we can ensure that you definitely have an opponent to play with. We will gradually adjust these times as demand increases.

Yes you can! Your first game is on us: We'll give you € 1 credit!

The € 1 credit is a bonus balance. The bonus balance cannot be withdrawn. If you play a Duel, it will automatically be used to pay your stake.

You can deposit any amount between € 1 - 100 and withdraw any amount between € 1 - 1.000.

Deposits are possible with PayPal, Sofort., VISA & Mastercard.

Withdrawals are possible with PayPal and Direct Banking.

Yes you can withdraw your money at any time. We have to check any withdraw due to legal regulations to prevent money laundering. Therefore it might take a few days until the money will be transferred to your preferred means of payment.

Short answer: DuelDonkey is legal and not scam!

Long answer: Here's why:

When people ask if and how DuelDonkey is legal, this most often refers to gambling. Gambling is defined as " a wager of money or some other value on an event with an uncertain outcome, while the result of this event is substantially dependent on luck or chance". Gambling is (in most countries) not illegal at all, but controlled and licensed by government agencies due to the fact that gambling can be addictive and have negative effects when people gamble for real money. Also, the fact that it is a very nice source of income for states might play a role here.

Playing your favorite video games for real money on DuelDonkey is not associated with gambling because there is no element of chance, but purely skill-based games. That is why we restrict the game selection to certain e-Sport titles that are based only on skill and not on luck, or any random events.

We have worked closely with law firms and authorities in order to be able to offer DuelDonkey legally in Germany. The German gambling authorities checked our platform and did not classify our offer as a game of chance.

Thus, challenging your opponents on DuelDonkey is not gambling and totally legal. If in any case, this might not be true for your country of residence we will eventually restrict access to certain games or actions.

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Your first duel is on us: We'll give you € 1 credit!

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