DuelDonkey Comeback!


DuelDonkey is coming back! 🎉🎉🚀🚀 We've all been waiting for it for a long time - now the comeback is getting closer and closer! Here are a few important info.

💰 Instead of Euros you pay with Bitcoin Satoshis in the future

To quickly take away your fear: Paying with Bitcoin Satoshis is as easy as paying with PayPal! We start with Bitcoin Satoshis (Satoshis are like cents in the Euro, so a smaller unit of Bitcoin) and will accept other cryptocurrencies in the future. For the use of Bitcoin Satoshis we will provide you with help videos and further information.

Why we take this step? Again and again in the past we had problems with payment service providers such as PayPal, which made life difficult for us - we want to free ourselves from this. By switching to cryptocurrencies, we are more flexible, more independent and set ourselves up solidly for the future!

💰➡️⚡ Conversion of the current balance

If you still have funds on DuelDonkey, they will be automatically converted into Bitcoin Satoshis - so you don't have to do anything. If you don't want your balance to be converted to Bitcoin Satoshis, you have time until 12/15/2022 to withdraw your balance. Simply start a withdrawal - withdrawals are only possible via bank transfer. A withdrawal of the bonus balance is not possible. The payouts will be made shortly after 15.12.2022 - so don't be surprised if the money arrives a little later.

🌎 DuelDonkey goes international

With the conversion from Euro to Bitcoin Satoshis, we are opening up internationally and are not limited to Germany anymore - therefore, in the future we will primarily convert our communication on our social channels and in the newsletter to English.

We will let you know the exact date of DuelDonkey's comeback as soon as we can name it.

See you in the arena!

If you still have feedback and suggestions, please feel free to write to us via social media, or simply by email: support@dueldonkey.com