🗓️ Save the date: 8th of January: 6 - 9pm!


Today we have good news, the comeback date is set! Grab your calendar and note the following date now.

The ARENA will open again on:

🗓️ This Sunday, 8th of January 2023

⏰ 6 - 9pm (GMT+1)

💰 Comeback Bonus for min. 3 Duels

🎮 FIFA 23 & Clash Royale

For at least 3 duels we will credit you with a bonus of 300 ₿ sats shortly before the comeback. In the next few days we will provide you with more information about Bitcoin Satoshis (sats). With the switch to Bitcoin Satoshis, we can finally become international and more independent. Using Bitcoin Satoshis is as easy as using PayPal!

Please spread the word and let us fill the ARENA!! Use your personal invitation link and earn bonus cash: www.dueldonkey.com/referrals

See you in the arena!

If you still have feedback and suggestions, please feel free to write to us via social media, or simply by email: support@dueldonkey.com