Arena Improvements


The first weeks after the launch in December were incredibly exciting for us. We were able to test our assumptions and listened carefully to our players / you. The feedback was overwhelming!

Many players told to us that they have been waiting for a concept like this for a long time. Of course, in addition to the positive criticism, there were also suggestions for improvement. We have taken these to heart. That is why we have made the following improvements over the past few weeks:

🟢 Arena availability

From now on you are visible in the arena until you leave it, play a duel, or do not answer a duel request. So you can lock your mobile phone from time to time - we will inform you by push message as soon as you are challenged. (The DuelDonkey app is required for this and push notifications must of course be activated)

🔔 Notification for challenges in the arena

We have improved the duel requests and now display them much more discreetly than before. This was previously indicated by a full overlay. However, this often led to accidental duel confirmations and, for example, disturbed typing in the chat.

👥 Player list

The display of active players has become more transparent. So now all players are displayed in a list, regardless of whether they are available for duels or not. It was important to show when players are in duels and are therefore no longer available in the arena chat.

👻 Hide arena profile

You now have the option to hide your arena profile and can no longer be challenged by other players. This is useful if you are afk for a moment or if you want to take a break between duels.

In addition to the changes mentioned above, there were also many small bug fixes. This is an important step, especially with a view to the future games - there will be news about this shortly.

See you in the arena!

If you still have feedback and suggestions, please feel free to write to us via social media, or simply by email: