How to play on DuelDonkey


Find or create a new duel

There are two different ways to play your next duel. Choose what fits you best:

Browse Duels

Browse through existing open duels and search for your perfect match to challenge your opponent.

Direct Challenge

You want to challenge your friend or archenemy? Send a direct duel request and get ready to fight.


Paying your stake

Both players have to accept a challenge to get a duel started as well as deposit the duel payin. Therefore you need to enter valid payment details. We will add more payment providers in the future!


Fight, battle, duel!

It's time to play! Use our built-in chat to clarify the last details. Based on your game and platform, we then give you detailed instructions on how to play the duel and how to connect with each other. Have fun!


Enter your results

With some platforms and games the duel results will get detected automatically by our system. If that's not possible, all players hand in some proof of the result such as a screenshot or video. We validate the results and declare a winner, or help you if there is a disagreement about the results.


Payout and charges

The winner takes it all - almost... For operating the platform and service fees for third party providers we are taking 10% cut of each game. That’s the deal!

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