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FIFA 23 | How to play FIFA 23 on DuelDonkey?

1. You and your opponent become friends on EA Social

FIFA Screenshot PlaySation Menu
  • Open the EA Social menu and navigate in the submenu to: Player search. Type your opponents EA ID, that you find below his name and add him / her as a friend.

2. Play the Duel!

FIFA Screenshot Menu
  • Start FIFA 23 or Ultimate Team. You or your opponent starts a friendly game: check the game settings!
  • As a host, you are responsible for ensuring that your game has the correct settings.
  • Play as many rounds as your duel allows, e.g.: At least two for "Best of 3", or just one for "Best of 1". A round corresponds to a game in FIFA 23.

3. Take photos / screenshots as proof

FIFA Screenshot In Game
  • Every time you play a duel, you should take photos / screenshots / videos proving the result of each match and showing your opponent's username / gamertag.
  • Please save this until the result has been submitted by you and your opponent and the status of the duel is FINISHED.

4. Come back and submit the final result

FIFA Screenshot DuelDonkey
  • After playing all rounds of your duel, you come back to DuelDonkey and submit the final result.
  • Click on Submit final result and enter the result. If there are any discrepancies, we will ask you for screenshots or videos of your duel as proof.


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