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General | How does DuelDonkey know who won?

There are two ways DuelDonkey can determine the winner of the duel:

If possible, we retrieve your game data from an interface/API of your game or console and automatically learn about the outcome of the duel and announce the winner.

Since this is not yet possible for all game titles, we will ask you for the results of some games after the end of the duel. Please enter the final score of the duel and some specific information if applicable.

If two players submit different results, we will ask you for proof of the game result, which can be screenshots or video recordings. A DuelDonkey Administrator will then confirm the results and determine a winner for the duel.

There is no point in entering false results and presenting fake evidence. We will always determine the actual outcome of a duel and providing erroneous scores or falsified evidence will result in permanent bans. Play fair and be honest!


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