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How do you deal with cheating?

We have a 0% tolerance for cheating and take strict action against it.

As soon as you suspect that a player has cheated, you can have the duel checked by our admins at any time. Here we pay attention to a wide variety of factors, which vary from game to game. At CS:GO, for example, we analyze, among other things, aiming, walking paths and changes of view using video recordings and logs. We also use the latest anti-cheat software to give you a fair and good experience.

The duel and all related payouts are temporarily frozen. So you can be sure that your opponent won't just disappear with the win.

If a player is exposed as a cheater, the duel will be canceled. A permanent ban will follow and this player will be blocked from all accounts on DuelDonkey. The stake of the cheater will be retained as a penalty.


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