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1. Become friends on PSN / Xbox Live

  • For PlayStation: Navigate in the PlayStation submenu to: Friends . Go to Search and type your opponents PSN Online-ID, that you find below his name and add him / her as a friend.
  • For Xbox: Start FIFA 21, push the Xbox Button and navigate to: Persons . Go to Search persons and type your opponents Gamertag, that you find below his name and add him / her as a friend.

2. Play the Duel!

  • Start FIFA 21 or Ultimate Team. You or your opponent starts a friendly match: Check the game settings!
  • As the host, make sure to use the correct settings. As the participant make sure the host defined the right settings.
  • Play the duel and the rounds you agreed to: e.g. at least two for “Best of 3”, or just one for "Best of 1". A round is a friendly match in FIFA 21.

3. Take photos / screenshots as a proof

  • Everytime you play a match, take screenshots / photos / videos. The screenshots must contain the nickname of both participants and the match result.
  • Please safe them until the result is submitted from you and your opponent and the status of the duel is FINISHED

4. Come back here & submit the final result

  • After you played all rounds of your duel, come back to DuelDonkey and report the result.
  • Click Submit final result and enter the results. In case of a conflict we will ask you for screenshots / photos and videos of your match.

Game settings as host

The following game settings apply to every duel to ensure a fair match:

  • Half Length: 6 minutes
  • Controls: Any
  • Team Level: Any
  • Game Speed: Normal
  • Squad Type: Online



If your opponent breaks the rules, disconnects, etc., you must report this immediately, take evidence, inform your opponent here in the chat and abandon the game. If you continue you the game or play it until the end, a protest will not be accepted.

1. Preparations

Challenger and opponent may connect each other on the PlayStation Network / Xbox Live. The PlayStation Network username / Xbox Live Gamertag is displayed on the duel detail page below the username. Start a new Friendly Match for each round depending on your game mode (e.g. best of 3 or best of 5).

Make sure the player who is sending the friendly match request has the same Username / Gamertag which is connected to his DuelDonkey account.

You can read more details about how to connect with each other and get started in our Help Center

2. Team selection

Depending on the game mode, the participants may play with any team available in the game, which is predefined by the game mode. This does not apply to the Soccer Aid team (FIFA 21): this team is forbidden. In the Ultimate Team game mode, the use of players on loan is forbidden.

3. Game settings as host

The game settings listed in the "How it works" section apply. If the host invites with the wrong game settings, the other player is not obliged to play the duel. The duel can still be canceled until half time. If the duel is played for more than half time or to the end, the opponent automatically accepts the host's game settings and the duel can no longer be canceled.

4. Score

Determining the winner in FIFA 21 is pretty simple, the player with the most goals wins the round. If a game ends in a draw, the game will be repeated until there is a winner. In FIFA 21 - Ultimate Team, the automatic game integration will lead the players to play extra time and penalties if needed.

Play as many rounds as needed depending on your game mode (e.g. best of 3 or best of 5), to declare the duel winner.

5. Duel Result Validation

After a duel you have to come back to DuelDonkey and declare the winner manually by clicking the "Sumbit final result" button.

If the submitted results of both parties are not matching, the duel will set to conflict mode and an admin will join. in this case both players are obliged to prove the final result by uploading screenshots or videos.

Possible uploads for result validation include screenshots / photos and recordings of the match as well as the winner results page.

6. Lag & Disconnects

Make sure you have a proper internet connection and your device is stable. Lags or disconnects will not be taken into consideration unless your opponent agrees.

7. Bugs

If you experience any bug or issues in your match, please record this, leave your match and open a protest with your evidence. Please note that you must leave the match before any goals or red cards have been awarded.

8. Conflicts & Support

In case you notice any divergences or behavior that contradicts the game rules or DuelDonkey rules, report your opponent to our support team and we will set the duel in conflict mode.

Both participants are responsible that screenshots of the match result are uploaded at the end of the match. The screenshots must contain the nickname of both participants and the match result. Also, we recommend that players take screenshots of disputable situations (such as Disconnects, Game Settings problems, etc.). These screenshots can and will be used as evidence in case of a conflict.

9. Fairplay

Every player is here to have fun and add another thrill to their game: for this reason, play fair! The exploitation of glitches in the game are prohibited.

  • Normal Teams: Use all teams, except the Soccer Aid Team
  • Ultimate Teams: Use all players, except loan players
  • Change your team between rounds
  • Pause between rounds if both agree
Not allowed:
  • The host creates the game with different settings
  • Play with another username/gamertag than connected to your DuelDonkey account
  • Exploiting glitches

DuelDonkey Rules

1. Be Nice

We all love gaming and to spice up our love for it by playing for cash. Naturally, we also all enjoy it more to win than to lose and of course we can get a bit angry when losing a thrilling match.

It is most important to us that players have a great experience and are always kind to one another. Be nice to each other and show sportsmanship like in all other sports.

We will not tolerate any kind of abusive language, insults, racism, discrimination, fraud or cheating. Those actions will instantly result in a ban from DuelDonkey and all connected services, which will apply to all available data such as email, credit cards, and game accounts - therefore it will be impossible to reconnect.

2. Read and Follow the Game Specific Rules

We have specific rules for each game available on DuelDonkey in order to provide the best gaming experience for each possible match. Read through the rules before you accept a challenge.

If you feel like your opponent does not act according to the rules, e.g. you get an invitation to a match from another username or a different game mode than defined in your duel, DO NOT accept this and do not start playing the duel.

3. Communicate

The DuelDonkey built-in chat will help you to communicate and make sure a DuelDonkey Administrator can help if anything goes wrong. Check that all players are ready before starting a duel and connect each other in the game client or console of your choice. It is acceptable to take a break or discuss your last round any time. Help each other if problems occur.

DO NOT rematch within the chat and play without creating a new duel on DuelDonkey. We cannot assist you with payments, results, and conflicts that take place outside of an official duel.

4. Proof and Duel Results

Depending on your platform, game and duel mode, we may or may not validate the results of your duel automatically. Thus, sometimes we require you to provide proof of the duel's result in case of a conflict, meaning the players submit different scores after the duel ended.

It is easy to do screenshots and recordings on all platforms, then submit them to the DuelDonkey platform. Use our provided features to stay on the safe side and provide trustworthy evidence.

We reserve the right to declare a duel as invalid and reverse all payments if it is impossible to determine the actual score of a duel and therefore we cannot declare a winner.


We will always determine the real result of a duel. Handing in faulty scores or faked proofs will result in permanent bans. You gain nothing from submitting false data after you have lost a duel. Play honest and fair!

5. We Are There For You

Contact DuelDonkey support if you have questions or any issues. It's better to contact us in advance than complain afterwards, in case something is suspicious.

We stand by our rules and are happy to help any time, in order to ensure you have a pleasant experience playing duels on DuelDonkey.